Over the next few months in 2017 this page will be updated with links to other sources for historic maps of the Delta

Delta History In Maps (links to resources)
     To understand the current water wars of California, one has to look
back at how the Delta has been used (and abused by to much water export)
since California became a state.  People came here for the yellow gold but
21st century wealth and politics is all about the clear liquid “gold”…water.
This page provides links to good reference websites and also copies of maps
and documents gathered over the last 25 years.   Resource Links:  http://DeltaREvision.com
And here is my Delta timeline pdf with
links to documents you can find online:  deltahistory-links.pdf
Video of the Delta: snug_video_index.htm
1906-08 San Joaquin Survey  (maps uploaded 2/9/2015)
1906-1908 Steamboat Slough & Sacramento River Survey (maps uploaded 2/10/2015)
1982 (1978) Atwater Survey (maps uploaded 2/9/2015)
1880 Hall map of irrigation
Shipwrecks of Steamboat Slough from 1848 to 1890
pdf of shipwrecksPaintings of Steamboat travelHistoric Delta_maps/Historic (DeltaREvision website)

Historic Shipwrecks on Steamboat SloughHistoric Steamboat Slough and the Sacramento River area

Timeline of Delta levee improvements and floods by the USACE:

Presentation regarding the history of the Delta levees:  Not about to fail!
Go to:
Controlled flooding of the Delta

Click on maps below to see large versions of each one.
Below is a section of an official California map showing
the location of Steamboat Slough and “Old River” which
is what the Sacramento River was called for the reach
between Rio Vista to above Locke.














Pacific Historian1959_delta_history.pdf