Love to eat fresh produce?  Want to pick out your own local fresh produce where it was grown?  There are many fruit and vegetable stands in the North Delta region.  And Wine Tasting also!  A group of farmers and vintners have gotten together and developed a website that helps visitors find the fruit and produce stands…and the wineries. is the website to visit for updates and events of the participating local businesses.  Below are the produce stands of the North Delta, including some not noted in the above mentioned website.  We also have a long list of produce stands in the West and South Delta but the list needs to be updated before we post here.  Note:  to keep this website mobile and use less data, the links on the map are not hot-linked.  If you want direct hot-links, this map was developed by  for use by their customers.  Go to the “Maps” page.

Map showing locations of North Delta region wine tasting and produce stands featured on